‘Nemidooni Cheqad Delam Mikhad’ – Shayea

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Today we have a recommended song from the lovely Setayesh. ‘Nemidooni Cheqad Delam Mikhad’ by Shayea – Lyrics in Farsi here. If anyone would be willing to translate and to explain them I would be super grateful).

Shayea is a Rapper from Tehran and like myself is a 92 baby 👌

One night in Tehran I was fortunate enough to stumble across a group of local guys and girls. Doing some freestyle rap in a park ou North. They had crazy great energy and presence. I only wish I’d been able to understand more.

Unfortunately, we are lacking enough resources, links and translations for contemporary Iranian music. If your are interested in helping to rectify that you know the email!

For learners, further down the page you can find an audio clip of Setayesh explaining why she loves this song along with the PDF notes,

She also sent me her favourite part of the song and pointed out a couple of the expressions;

نقش من این نیست سنگر بگیرم فقط بگم نمیشه و تهشم بمیرم

*یه روزی دنیاست که میرقصه به ساز من خودمو میشناسم عقب نمیرم

عزیز میگفت اگه دوست دارم شرایطو تغییر بدم زود

باید یاد بگیرم اگه میلنگم مثل مرد وایسم بگم تقصیر من بود

بابام مسئول مسئولیاتم نیست هرچیو خواستی هرچیو نخواستی

اگه یه روز دنگ خرجیتو نداشتی بابات مسئول مسئولیاتت نیست

*پ از همون سن کمم رفتم دستم برسه به دهنم

تنها چیزی که از بابام میخوام عشقه فقط من برا بابام بنز میخرم

*دنیاست میرقصه به ساز من: یعنی اینکه همه چی طبق خواسته ی من انجام میشه-

* Literally meaning the world dances to my instrument, it encompasses the idea that ‘everything according to my will is done’ and perhaps similar to the English expression of ‘to dance to someones tune,’ basically doing what ever someone wants you to.

دستم برسه به دهنم: یعنی اینکه خودم بتونم زندگیم رو از همه لحاظ مدیریت و کنترل کنم مسئولیتش قبول کنم. 

* To convey the meaning of ‘I put in my own hands.’ That is, I can manage and control my life myself and accept responsibility.

Setayesh’s review part one and two

Setayesh Moini

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