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How to surpass yourself

Surprising benefits from feeling in another language – Plus one of thes best resourcesfor learning Farsi! Link at the bottom of the page..

Connection, emotion, relationships. Do any of these factors drive your desire to learn a language?

A will to expand horizons and capacities for who you may communicate too. The ways in which you may relate to another.

Does seeing how a phrase, a word, a piece of text will serve you in relationship building excite you? Make you use it, improve and keep it.

Even more exciting in your language journey, the times you find those words or turns of phrase. The ones which fit perfectly to a previously unexpressed thing. An emotion, situation, character attribute.

It can be a freeing experience, learning a new language.

As adults, we can delight in these occurrences. When a few simple words in another tongue runs through your mouth so beautifully. You can hardly believe that it means something basic as

‘during the break rob ate an apple’.

Or when you learn how to express the idea of a feeling which before took a whole paragraph to explain.

Even better you learnt it by accident. In its context.

You realize that now that word for that feeling exists only in your second new language. That there is no equivalent to it.

If you are very blessed, this language with all its lovely words will unlock a little of something of you. Before stifled by the bounds of one’s own formative environment.

True this new one will have it’s own, but let’s hope that they are the other pieces to the puzzle. That learning this language will allow parts of you to grow. That will become transferable and you will carry within you.

It will be inevitable then, that you too understand life and people in a different way. Now that you too are a little different.

But that’s assuming that as you are learning, you are learning to truly speak in a new way. Rather than pushing your words into a frame that does not quite fit.. you’ll get by, but you’ll lose out.

This is a hard task of course. At the beginning that is all that we know when taking on such a challenge.

It takes time, environment, relationships, feelings.

and material. So really, every little helps with achieving any language goals.

If you, like me feel the heart, as it’s pulled and swoons for Farsi, in all it’s imagery and richness, then come learn with us. As we try to find a way to share with you a Farsi for all the shades of moods.

Support us, send us material! and share us with others who will gain from a little Farsi sweetness, softness or humour.

Ready to get to it? Great – Check out our lessons

AND CHECK OUT THIS GUY on Youtube learn_Persian_with_Majid. he teaches Farsi Via Movies and Songs!!!! For those interested in learning in an emotional and personal – This is without doubt one of the most comprehensive resources I have found so far. And all you have to do is click on the links. Amazing!

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