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A Prayer A Petition & A Farsi Phrase..

Before giving you our next instalment in Iranian expressions today, I would like to send good wishes and hopes of security and health for everyone affected in some way by the COVID – 19 virus. Whilst it is a troubling time, it is also an opportunity to reach out to people across the world with kindness and solidarity.

If you have been following the news (hard not to be at this time) I am sure you have heard about the considerable pressure Iran has been facing as a result of the Sanctions – making the fight against Covid-19 all the more difficult. If you are interested in supporting Iran with their fight against Covid – 19 there is a Fund-Raising appeal on the behalf of Relief International. International Relief is one of the only organisations with a licence to work in Iran under US sanctions. The fundraiser is organised by Negar Mortazavi. The link is here

For the lovely voices who are all living in Iran, I send special thanks and prayers that this New Year may bring some much needed positive changes.

As a UK citizen (perhaps like all UK, EU and US citizens), there is a feeling of wistfulness that I could better support friends and family members. As we wish one another a healthy and happy New Year and exchange news. I am struck and touched by the humour and grace that my friends show at this time – despite great pressures coming from more than one side.

For me, signing petitions circulating for the suspension of sanctions for the duration of the COVID – 19 feels like the least I can do. Whilst I am aware of heated debate surrounding this topic (and we are a language site, not political), I still believe that this would be a step in the right direction toward a healing dialogue and alleviating pressure on the public now. As such I have included the petition here:

For those interested in learning a little more about the humanitarian effects of sanctions- here are some links:

I would also like to ask people to show support to tourism businesses and online language teachers in Iran. My personal attachments lie with the Heritage Hostel in Teheran who may be facing closure for the next year. Of course it is an uncertain and difficult time for everybody and for all buisnesses. But small gestures can go a long way. Particulary for countries that may not be able to access the same amount of welfare support as others.

Whilst sanctions make this complicated, I am a believer of where there is a will there is a way. Anyone interested in exploring this – please get in touch on the site email or the Facebook page

So all that said I would like to give you all our next instalment! From the lovely Koohyar Ghafari. Much like the english expression – to put a bandaid on it. We can probably all think of our own and others half arsed attempts at fixing a situation – and now you get to express it in Farsi! Enjoy!

Take Care,

CI ❤

Ostuxun laaye zaxm gozaashtan

‘To put a bandaid on it’ Lit:- to place bone over a sore

Koohyar Ghafari

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