lesson Video

Mask on, Lets Dance..

Slice two – Iranian humour

For our next lesson, we bring you a very catchy and informative tune for these times! Now I have tried my best to put subtitles on the video however, faced a couple of challenges with the formatting! Below the video I’ve put the Farsi with English and a little bit of an explanation!

Enjoy! Stay Safe and Please Share more Videos if you have them!

عید اومده… چتونه… هنو(ز) قرنطینه اید تو خونه؟؟

Eid* has come, Are you still at home in Quarantine?

*Iranian New year 

وزیر دید خوشتون اومد.. دوباره اومده بخونه

Seeing the minister pleased you? He came to sing again 

مرسی. شما خیلی زرنگید، ماسک میزنید میرقصید؟

Thanks! You guys are really smart – put your mask on and you dance?

گفتیم آزاده (هست) الکل… نه اینکه مست تو خیابون بچرخید

We said Alcohol is Ok, not so that you’d get drunk and walk the streets!

حالا توی خونه به خط شید..باید گرم کنید… همه بلند شی آخه

Now, at home, get into line, get warm and everyone get up 

کشوریه و انتخابی المپیک 99.

an olympic elective for 19 (1399 the year in Iran now)

آره دلت شده براش تنگ… ولی روبوسی ممنوعه فدات شدم

Yes, you miss him ..but kissing cheeks is forbidden my darling!

باید باشی حواس جمع.. کسی مریض شه نیست براش تخت

You must be careful..someone gets ill, there isn’t a bed..

توی این شهر بی کلانتر.. هر کی چند میلیارد (پول) برداشت رفت..

In this chaotic city, someone took a few billion and left!

*A reference to the corruption and embezzlement in 2018??

آپدیت جدیدم… قبل اژدها داریم شهاب سنگ

I have a new update, before the dragon we have an asteroid!*

Reference to the Asteroid coimg in April this year!

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