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Your bowl has become hotter than aash

We have a proverb today which was translated as ‘more catholic than the pope’ by the wonderful Mypersiancorner site (which also has a list of other proverbs related to aash). In this particular example it conveys someone who is over-emphasizing with anothers problems, taking them on to an exaggerated and perhaps unhelpful degree….Over zealousness or going overboard could be other ways of putting it …

I believe (based on website information) that the proverb used in this scenario pre the Qajar period was the Aunt is kinder than the Mother. In the Qajari period however, there was a rather interesting incident which founded the now proverb of ‘the bowl is hotter than aash’ when a King serves his guests a type of Aash served in cups. I didn’t fully understand the story, the text being somewhat complicated but it seemed that they had in thanks sent the King his cups back – but filled with gold coins! Outspending the money spent on making the aash and outdoing him with their generoisty. Anyone who wants to check the story and give a correct translation, the text is here .

Thanks to Setayesh Moini

Kaa-se daaghtar az aash shodan

“The bowl has become hotter than aash”

Ye istilaahi dige – am hast mixaam behet begam, unaa inne ke migan kaa-se daaghtar az aash, yani inke, masalan fekr kon ye ittifaaghe bad baraaye man uftaatade. Bad duste man xeyli az man naaraahat mishe, ghamgin mishe, negaraan mishe va un ittifaagh-o bozorg jalve mide. Injaa migan be duste man kaase daaghtar az aash shodi

یه اصطلاحی دیگه هم هست میخوام بهت بگم اونم اينه كه میگن کاسه داغتر از آش یعنی اینکه مثلا فکر کن یه اتفاق بد برای من افتاده بعد دوست من خیلی بیشتر از من ناراحت میشه. غمگين میشه نگران میشه و اون اتفاق را بزرگ جلوه میده. اینجا ميان میگن به دوست من كه کاسه داغ تر از آش شدي

Another expression that I also want to tell you that (people) say is that ‘the bowl is hotter than Ash’ which means, well like imagine, something bad happened to me, afterwards my friend becomes a lot more upset than I do. She gets down and worried and makes it into a big deal. Here, (people) would say to my friend ‘you’ve become like a bowl (which is) hotter than Ash!’





To make something into a big deal 
To make something bigger
To exaggerate/overate
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Bozorg jalve dadan بزرگ جلوه دادن را

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