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Introduction to Professor Dariush Ashoori’s talk on Orientalism

Take a look at the keywords below and then watch the video below, trying to listen out for them. The first part of the video transcript has been provided below however, we have given only the keywords for the rest of the video (in order) and their translation – see if you can hear each word and work out for yourselves what the ‘gist’ of the sentences are! This is a challenging piece as it is very unclear and uses some difficult vocabulary so well done for whatever you do get! Let us know in the comment section what you do take from this – and as always questions are welcomed.

Take care

CI ❤

to be organisedسازمان و سامانی داشتن
to be preciseدقیق داشتن
an intellectualآدمی صاحب فکری
his problemsگرفتاراش
to put togetherسر هم کردن
sheet of paperورق
bright, illuminatory (adj)درخشان
bit by bitتکه تکه
modern متجدد
to put his/her thoughts togetherفکرش را گرد هم آوردن
to go together, be togetherرو هم رفتن
to quote..به قول
this is how he wasاین جور بود
to throw (it)پرت (ش) کردن
smart (adj)باهوش
the concept of westernization مفهوم غرب زدگی
it becomes a buzz wordمیافته تو سر دهان ها

فرودین یکی از گرفتاراش این بود نمیتونسته بنویسه
آدمی صاحب فکری بود آدمی باهوشی بود و خوب خیلی هم چیز خونده بود. با فلسفه اسلامی و انها خیلی خوب آشنا بود. با فلسفه ٱوروپای هم آشنا بود افلاتون و آریستاتیل خونده بود چیزهای مدرن رو هم میشناخت. نکته سنجی های خیلی دقیقه هم داشت راجع به این مسائل اما یکی از گرفتار بزرگ این بود که نمیتونست بنویسه حرفایش، فکرش را گرد هم بیاره. سازمان و سامانی بهش بده. به قول دکتور ناص میگفتش که این دکتور فروردین مثل یه کتاب عالی مینویشته باشه ولی این کتاب بعد کسی پرتش کن به هوا و ورق ورق میافته به زمین و بعد یه بچه ای اینو جمع میکنه، سر و همش بکنه و بعد با تکه تکه چیزهای خیلی درخشان بود ولی کلش بی سامان و بی ارتباط منتقی.. این جوری دکتور بود داستانش.

One of Farvadin’s problems was that he couldn’t write. He was an intellectual and intelligent and really well read. He was familiar with Islamic philosophy and with European philosophy too and had read Plato and Aristotle. He knew modern stuff too. He was really diligent and precise about these matters but a big problem was that he couldn’t write, he couldn’t put his words and thoughts together. He wasn’t able to organise them. To quote Dr Nas (who said this) it was like Dr Farvadin had written an amazing book but then someone throws it to the air and its pages all fall to the ground, upon which some kid comes along, collects them and sticks them back together. Bits of it were really enlightened but all together it was disorganised and didn’t link up together logically. This is how he was, the Dr.

In order of appearance..

something becomes foreign (ised)
فرهنگی مآب شدن
criticismsنقد های
the capitalist worldدنیای سرمایه غر
a new/fresh discourseگفتمان تازه
by combining religous ideas and از طریق ترکیب ایده های مذهبی و ایمانی مدرن
a wellknown personality شخصیت شاخص
religious myths/old stories turnt into myths of the modern revolutionاستورهای دینی رو تبدیل کرد به استوره های انقلابی مدرن
to become effectiveموثر واقع شدن
to pull/ attract the new generationنسل جدید کشیدن
undergroundزیر زمینی
to presentارائه کردن
the transition of east to westهبوط شرق به غرب
my understandingاستنباط من
to face one one anotherرو به رو هم قرار گرفتن
to become related to مربوط شدن به
the growth of civilizationرشد تمدن
to go after s.thسراغ خیری را رفتن
eastern studiesرشته شرق شناسی
social scienceعلوم اجتماعی
self awarenessخودآگاهی
the middle agesقرون وسطی

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