expressions lesson

xaali bastan

‘to lie’

‘to blow hot air’

xaali bastan, as explained by our lovely Sadaf ❤ We have been treated to its origins as well, based on the words of Persian Professor Kazzazi

It carries a similar meaning to the English idiomatic expression ‘to blow hot air.’ The idea that someone is talking empty-talk, over-exaggerating about something or lying about themselves.

I learnt this from a friend, following a very interesting encounter with a guy at a hostel in Tehran, who (according to him) seemed to have had the same effect on women during his life as the guys from the lynx adverts.

My friend (after seeing my eyebrows) laughed and said ‘Are, dare xaali mi bande’.

baslessبی پای و اساس
based onبر اساس
has become commonباب شده
to scare s.oترسوند
to informاطلاع دادن

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