expressions lesson

Get Off My Back

Another very useful and much used expression given to us by our Hamedeh ❤ Audio and text down below.

The term “get off my back” (literally, lift your hand off my head). This term means that someone and something is annoying and you want to be relieved from it. For example, Ali messages me every day and every night and I don’t like that at all. I’d like Ali, as soon as possible, to get off my back, relieve me.

اصطلاح دست از سر برداشتن. این اصطلاح به این معناست که کسی و چیزی شمارو آزار میده و شما میخواین از اون راحت بشین. مثلا، علی هر روز و هر شب به من مسیچ میده و من اینو اصلا دوست ندارم. دوست دارم که علی هرچه زودتر دست از سرم بر داره، و منو راحت بذاره

as soon as possibleهرچه زودتر
it annoys s.thآزار میده
to take, to liftبرداشتن

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