Self Comparison – Part One

For Persian (or English) Language learners looking to improve their vocabulary and writing skills, we will be looking at real materials, breaking them up into digestible and clear pieces, as well as giving the translations and highlighting the prepositions. Persian learners – take note of the “Ra” and for all learners pay attention to the slight changes of tense!

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شما بیشتر خودتان را با چه‌کسی مقایسه می‌کنید؟ 

Who do you most compare yourself to?

اگر پاسخ این سؤال را نمی‌دانید، به آخرین باری فکر کنید که در رسانه‌های اجتماعی‌ می‌گشتید 

If you don’t know the answer to this question, think to the last time you were roaming social media

از خودتان بپرسید دیدن کدام عکس‌ها باعث شد غبطه بخورید و به این فکر کنید که زندگی‌تان یکنواخت و کسل‌کننده است یا اینکه نتوانسته‌اید در زندگی به موفقیت‌هایی که می‌خواسته‌اید برسید؟

Ask yourself, seeing which photos caused you to feel jealous and think that your life is monotonous and boring or that you haven’t been able to reach some of the successes in life that you wanted?

 قدمت مقایسه کردن خود با دیگران به‌اندازه قدمت بشر است و انسان از وقتی خود را شناخته شروع به مقایسه کردن خود با دیگران کرده است

Comparing ourselves to others is as old as humanity and since man knew his or her self, he/she began to compare his or herself with others.

 در این مقاله می‌خواهیم ببینیم چطور می‌توانیم از مقایسه کردن خود با دیگران دست برداریم با ما همراه باشید .

In this article we want to look at how we can stop comparing ourselves with others. Join us.

مقایسه کردن/کن (با)to compare
فکر کردن/کن (به)to think
گشتن/گرد (در)to search/roam on
باعث شدنto cause
غبطه خوردن/خور to be jealous
کسل کنندهboring
(را) شناختن/شناسto know (someone)
شروع کردن (به)to start
دست در داشتن/دار (از)to stop

Now it is your turn! Using the vocabulary terms in the table, can you write your own sentences? Remember to pay attention to the sentence structure, correct prepositions – and for Persian language students, the use of “Ra.” Put your sentences in the comments box below!

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