Experiences of Iran

A short summary of a language student’s time in Iran When we think of Iran our minds naturally drift to the imagined historical Iran – The Iran of the Zoroastrians, the Great Persian Empire – with marvels such as Persoplis, Masters of Poetry, Philosophy and Spirituality such as Hafez and Rumi. We too, think of […]

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Your bowl has become hotter than aash

We have a proverb today which was translated as ‘more catholic than the pope’ by the wonderful Mypersiancorner site (which also has a list of other proverbs related to aash). In this particular example it conveys someone who is over-emphasizing with anothers problems, taking them on to an exaggerated and perhaps unhelpful degree….Over zealousness or […]

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Sar be havaa budan

Click on the ‘open in new tab’ option on our download button to follow along with the soundbite, see the translation, learn key vocabulary words and learn a grammar point or two.. Hamadeh Sobhani