Verbs, Verbs, Verbs..👌

An odd collection of phrasal and idiomatic Farsi verbs at your disposal, each with an example and english translation (please free any one to send me translations for other languages and i’ll add them in!).

Just click on the jump link in the table below and fingers crossed it should swoosh you down! Any speakers willing to give audio example will also be greatly appreciated.

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CI ❤

#1. To experiment through trial and error2. To contend, deal with, cope with struggle
3. gave a lot of pain or difficulty4. To not listen
5. To have your patience tested6. To make something dangerous, precarious
7. To harass/exasperate8. To put together
To assemble
9. To whisper10. To do nothing
11. To exaggerate 11. To move


خطا و آزمون کردن

To experiment through trial and error

امیدوارم بجای این که احساس اضطراب و نگرانی داشته باشند از این که در چارچوبها قرار نگیرند یا این که هویتشان روزی بیربط میشود، حس کنند که آزاد هستند آزمون و خطا کنند و میتوانند هویت و داستان خود را بدست بگیرند

I hope that instead of feeling anxious and worried that they don’t fit in that one box or that their identity will become irrelevant someday, that they can feel free to experiment and to take control of their personal narrative and identity.


دست و پنجه نرم کردن

To contend, deal with, cope with struggle

باید درک کنیم، در زمان دست و پنجه نرم کردن با هر مشکلی امکان لغزش وجود خواهد داشت

Whatever difficulty you are struggling with, realise that relapses may sometimes occur.


چیزی پدر + را در آوردن gave a lot of pain or difficulty

اونا پدر تو را در آوردن ، درسته

They really screwed you, right~?!


گوش + بدهکار نیست

To not listen

حالا، گوش چینی ها بدهکار این حرفها نیست

Look, the chinese didn’t listen/they didn’t buy it


کاسه صبر(م) لبریز شدن

To run out of patience tested

کاسه صبرم لبریز شده

I’ve run out of patience


کار به جای باریک کشیدن

To take something to dangerous / precarious place

دیدم داره یواش‌یواش کار به جاهای باریک می‌کشه

..I saw that he is slowly taking it to a precarious place


کلافه کردن

To harass/exasperate

ما بايد به کلافه کردن دشمن ادامه بديم

We must continue to engage and harass the enemy


سر هم کردن

To put together
To assemble

کيت تو الان بهم گفتي که دوستانت داستان سرِ هم کردن

kate, you just told me that your friends cooked up the story!

من همه تيکه هاي لازم براي سر هم کردن پازل رو دارم

I have all the pieces to start building the puzzle

به خود افتخار مي‌کنم که با سر هم کردن هر زباله‌ي دم دست فيلمي ساخته‌ام

I pride myself on having made a film out of whatever rubbish was at hand


پچ و پچ کردن

To whisper

اوليش ، يک سيستم حساس به صوته. يک صدايي در حد پچ پچ كردن سيستم هشدار اونو فعال ميكنه

The first is sound sensitive. Anything above a whisper sets it off


دست روی دست گذاشتن

To do nothing

ولي دست روي دست گذاشتن منو ميترسونه

But doing nothing terrifies me.

خسته شدم از بیکاری و دست روی دست گذاشتن.

I am tired of doing nothing

بزرگتر جلوه دادن

To exaggerate, overrate, make a big deal out of something

آن چنان نیاز به نشان دادن احساسش داشت که آماده بود گناه خود را بزرگتر جلوه دهد

In her need to show her feeling she was prepared to exaggerate her own guilt.

اسباب کشی کردن

To move (i.e to move in somewhere, to be in the process of moving your belongings from one house to another)