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Complete beginners, Intermediates and Advanced. Here are some links to websites which you will find invaluable.

This website offers lessons from complete beginners to advanced. This is one of the first websites I used for Persian. It helps to explain the differences between standard and colloquial Persian. It is also fun and interactive using videos, activities and audio clips.

Another site that I am very excited about is .
It has EVERYTHING. I’m talking amazing music – (my favourite track handsdown Divaneh by Damahi – with lyrics!! 🙌). Proverbs, Expressions, Idioms…it’s language heaven. PLUS the author is in Iran and blogging marvellously about the whole experience. There are hours of material so TAKE A LOOK. You’ll never even want to come back here….(but please do, we’ll miss you😘😘)

Light, quick, useful and digestible phrases for the busy week. Look no further than @talklikeanative. This Instagram account has tons of nice phrases – WITH AUDIO! They also have a website They have designed their material for a beginner learner – and all you have to do is register!

Looking for the opportunity to put your language skills to use look no further than Shahrzad. Comes highly recommended (by me!). I found her profile on the seeyouiniran facebook page. She has tons of experience and a mannar to quiet even the most nervous of beginners. So show your support. Get a warm and supportive lesson. Learn more about life now in Iran. Find her on JustLearn. Link here

CHECK OUT THIS GUY on Youtube learn_Persian_with_Majid. he teaches Farsi Via Movies and Songs. For those interested in learning in an emotional and personal – This is without doubt one of the most comprehensive resources I have found so far.

Majid breaks down and explains whole chunks of texts. Repeats slowly and clearly. Gives further examples. Replays the example chunk back in full speed.

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